with Water-in-a-Box is to sustainably offer clean, desalinated and germ-free water to needy areas of the world and thus improve public health, reduce poverty and create cultivable areas, which today is desert.

using energy from solarhybrids and new technology with the battery pack, which charges the battery with solar power, the production solution become energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The concept
Water-in-a-Box is based on a patented invention for water (Millennium Desalination Device - MDD) integrated in a scalable and portable container to flexibly produce, transport, deploy, and reuse the equipment.

Partners water-in-a-box

The specific societal challenges Water-in-a-Box wants to solve is how a production concept for water treatment can be mobile, flexible and ecologically. How can a lasting solution be developed that is characterized in that it comprises systems that conserve energy and natural resources, is safe and healthy for employees, consumers and society, economically viable and responsive to current and future market and consumer needs, and helps to develop the surrounding society.

Project team
Rolf Ingeson - MTS AB (Projectcoordinator)
Professor Mats Jackson Carin Rösiö, Jessica Bruch, Sten Grahn, Eric Dahlquist - MDH 
Jan Brandt   - Brandt AB
Mattias Stjernstrom - Klara Fastigheter AB
Johan Ahlgren - Morgonsol AB
Tove Engström - Läkarmissionen
Sven Sievers, Anna Paula Johnsson - Business Sweden AB
Britt Marie Svanström - MediaMäklarna AB