Millennium Desalination Device


The invention has clear advantages over other types.

  • It is straightforward
  • The working of the prior art of the components,
  • Scalable from small to large industrial plants
  • environmentally friendly
  • Can easily be made mobile
  • Can be operated with various types of power sources and in future solar energy
  • Have no membranes need to be replaced
  • Service-friendly, based on picking out, picking in
  • Can be connected in series or in parallel in hard germ filled and salty areas.

Auto Technology AB in Fagersta, Arne Uhrbom and Hans Lund AB has been responsible for the preparation of construction drawings to the Millennium Desalination Device. Arne Uhrbom and Hans Lund has extensive experience as designers and developers of production, method development and production preparation. Worked with the Volvo CE, projects FMV, ASSA Nobel Biocare Seco Tools Others