john ericsson

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         Battery Park - New York

The inventor of the Millennium Desalination Device, Rolf Ingeson, is PATERNAL relative of John Ericsson. Best known as the inventor of the propeller and the designer of the ship Monitor etc. He is considered a great inventor and he is perhaps the historical Swedish Americans remember best. He died in 1889 in New York and received a princely funeral when the United States and Sweden were united in honoring his memory.

Less well known is that John Ericsson 21st invention mentioned in the book "John Ericsson and hundred of his inventions," published in 1866 was "apparatus to prepare the salt of saltwater" "saltwater heated uti subsurface located, closed boilers and forced by the centrifugal won the wheels, to circulate through large open tanks that stood above ground and in which the salt was deposited. "

The interesting thing may be that John Ericsson-made salt and his descendant, desalinate! Two sides of the same coin.