water to a thursty world.

Millennium Technology of Sweden AB's primary objective is to provide the countries currently suffer from the lack of water, with scalable, reliable equipment that will enable countries to build self-sufficient water structures, and thus obtain improved public health, reduce poverty, create cultivable areas which today is desert. Thus also become an effective tool of democratization.


Rolf Ingeson CEO Millennium Technology of Sweden AB and inventor of the waterpurifier Millennium Desalination Device.


Inventor Rolf Ingeson, is on the paternal side relative with the famous John Ericsson


Waterpurifier Millennium Desalination Device (MDD) enables desalination and bacteria reduction directly from seawater.


U.S Patent -  no.8,608,911

China Patent -  ZL201180022739.7

South African Patent -  no.2012/07752