"We provide the world with clean water, free from salt and bacteria"


Millennium Technology of Sweden AB has as main objective to provide the countries currently suffer from the lack of water, with scalable, reliable equipment that will enable countries to build self-sufficient water structures, and thus obtain improved public health, reduce poverty, create cultivable areas today is desert. Thus also become an effective tool of democratization.


Millennium Technology of Sweden AB creates a realistic opportunity to seriously reach out to those areas of the world plagued over the lack of water. And areas with substandard bacterially water. Be involved in creating a better world! Support for Watertobillions accelerates the development.


Together with Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö and other parties in the Water-in-a-Box project, the test bed is now ready at Ekeby wetland in Eskilstuna.

An important milestone that enables us to test and validate the concept's components in the process of purifying the water from bacteria.

A great place also to demonstrate our concept for actors who shown interest in our invention and projects.
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Along with our own aid organization Watertobillions improves opportunities to reach out to countries in need of germ-free and desalinated water. Read more at the link below.

250 mil.

people are affected by desertification

year 2025

Will more than 3 billion people be affected by lack of water


Children die every day due to lack of water.